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Designer Evening Dress Patterns to Look Like a Million Bucks

It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.
– Alexander McQueen
Finding the perfect evening gown is like holding kryptonite in your hands – the world stops and time seems to freeze as you run your hands over that much coveted object, feeling the material with every fiber of your being. In that one moment, you feel stirred and soothed, strong and weak at the same time – it’s as if all your life had been leading up to this moment when you come face to face with your raison d’ĂȘtre! Ah… Sometimes, even exaggerations seem justified. Anyway, coming back to evening gowns, it is not always that fate smiles upon you thus, and, most of the time, you are left with no option but to put together available resources to get something close to the original temptation.
Pattern Styles and Ideas
Sweetheart neckline

White gown with a sweetheart neckline
Take the top half of a heart at the bustline and you have the sexy and cute sweetheart neckline. Apple-shaped women can opt for a gown where the skirt draws attention. A billowing, flowy skirt is the perfect option to add fullness to the lower half of the body. A coverup like a pashmina or silk wrap can be used if you are conscious of your upper body.

Front and back view of a shocking pink gown with a sweetheart neckline.
A gown with a sweetheart neckline works well for pear-shaped women with a small bosom.
Opt for a fitted bodice on top to flaunt your best features.
For the lower half of your body, go in for a dress that has an A-line skirt or one with straight cuts.

A body-hugging dress is an ideal choice for women with an hourglass figure.
A fitted dress will accentuate you curves and highlight your best features.
Wear a pretty belt over the dress, to further define your waist.

White gown with a large mermaid flare
At a formal, social event, everyone would want to dress to kill. How about you dress to mes-MER-ize? Enter the mermaid gown. It is a great option for apple-shaped women as the lower half of the dress is the main focus. You can pick a gown with thick shoulder straps or even sleeves if you are not comfortable with the strapless style.

Salmon pink mermaid gown with an extensive flare
A mermaid gown that is not figure-hugging is your go-to option.
Look for a dress that has a straight cut to the mid-thigh and then flares out.
A silhouette of this kind will draw attention to the flare below the knees, without making you conscious.

A well-fitted, body-hugging mermaid gown really complements women with an hourglass figure.
A form fitting strapless version will hug you in all the right places while also drawing attention to the dramatic flare below the knees.

Sexy, white, backless gown
Move over plunging neckline and high hemline; the sexy and sultry backless beauty is here. The best way to make your apple-shaped body appear more curvaceous is to opt for a backless gown with the open back in the shape of a triangle. This will provide a slimming effect to the upper body. For the lower half you can go in for a silhouette that adds more volume to the outfit.

Spaghetti-strap, backless green gown with a cross pattern
A backless gown with an inverted triangle-shaped back is ideal for a pear-shaped body.
It is advisable to avoid a plunging backless dress as it will draw attention to the lower half of the body. Instead, opt for a gown that is glamorous on top.

If you have an hourglass body and dare to bare, you can go in for a plunging backless dress.
You can wear a dress that is body-hugging.
A dress with full sleeves and a simple front will enhance the backless aspect of your gown.

Brown, satin mullet dress with a long train
Put together an elegant evening gown with a fun cocktail attire and voila! The playful and sexy mullet is the outcome. A trendy version of the mullet gown for apple-shaped bodies is a dress that covers the upper half of the body and shows of the wearer’s pins instead. A dress with puffed or netted sleeves is a fun option to try.

Sexy, black mullet dress with a long slit
Women with a pear-shaped body, can go in for a mullet dress with an interesting neckline or even a strapless one. However, for the lower half of the dress, a hemline that is not too short should be preferred.

A nice option for women with an hourglass figure to try is a short and fitted mullet gown.
A dress that is strapless on top with a mini version for the lower half, and a long trail at the back can do wonders for this body type.

Pristine, one-shoulder designer gown
An elegant or playful twist to a simple gown gives you the one shoulder dress. This Greek-inspired trend is definitely an enduring one. If you have an apple-shaped body, try a one shoulder dress that is simple on the upper half. However, to make your look trendy, keep the lower half of the dress slightly more dramatic and opt for a fuller skirt to look curvaceous.

Stylish one-shouldered blue gown
A one shoulder dress with intricate detailing on the shoulder strap or an eye-catching brooch is a stylish choice for a pear-shaped body.
For the skirt of the dress, a straight cut silhouette that does not cling to the body is the ideal style.

To flaunt an hourglass figure in the right way, a one shoulder dress that fits well should be selected.
To make the dress look sexy, you can add a stylish belt that will add definition to your waist and emphasize your curves.
An evening dress is incomplete without the right accessories and a pair of gorgeous heels. Experiment with these patterns to complement your individual style and become the star of the evening, the designer way!

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Fashion Tips for Men

Important Pointers

Don’t Chase Brands
While purchasing branded items, do check if they really suit you and you are not just buying them because they are so much in “trend” or “style”. If that particular clothing looks good on you, you can surely invest in them. But if they don’t complement you in any way, then it is advisable to save your money and keep looking.

Choose Appropriately-sized Clothes
The size of T-shirts, shirts, and other clothing you wear must be according to your fitting. Skinny and lean men must wear comfortable clothing, not too large than their size as that will make them disappear in it. Men slightly on the heavier side must not wear tight T-shirts.

Simplicity is Style
Your wardrobe collection must not be something that appears overdone. It may include watches, shoes, blazers, formal shirts, pants, casuals, T-shirts, jeans, undershirts, colored belts, formal belts, goggles, corporate suits, neckties, wristbands, stoles, wallets etc. What you have to do is use all these items in style so that it gives you an imposing appearance. Be simple in your selections and that qualifies you to be on the safer side. Don’t mix inharmonious colors. Contrasting colors look good but they must not be very dark. More than three different colors and flashy bands may give you the look of a rock band member, so if you are not dressing for that specific purpose, avoid such combinations.

A black/white stripped shirt or a square checkered shirt with blue jeans and a nice pair of shoes (black or white) with black belts may give you a very perfect look. Tees with catchy phrases are not always a very bright idea as they make you appear like some advertising boards. A plain T-shirt is always better.

Don’t Overdo Jewelry
Men’s jewelry, earrings, finger rings, cufflinks, bracelets, and studs have become a trend these days. However, overdoing them may not give you a great look. Bracelets and ear piercings are generally a favorite of teens and they get along with rugged jeans and casuals.

Personal Grooming Matters
Personal hygiene stands out as the most obvious requirement to look smart. Even if you are well dressed, an unkempt beard or hairstyle can spoil your look. A trimmed beard or shaved face is always better for every dress and can be carried easily. In case of your hairstyle, you must ensure that it reflects your dressing sense. Generally, semi formal haircuts are always better as they look fine both with casuals and formals. So while you dress well, ensure that your hairstyle and beard complement your dressing style.

Shoes Make a Man
If you have some branded shoes, you must keep them clean and tidy. In case of sports shoes, do get them washed frequently, else it won’t be a good idea to wear untidy shoes with dark blue jeans. For formal shoes, you must ensure that you polish them before leaving for the office. A good pair of sports and formal shoes are always good investments.

Experimenting is Inventing
Sometimes, experiments can give you an altogether different look, much better than your previous one. Trying a different hairstyle and complementing it with a good dressing sense, can add to your personality. Now, experimenting never means going on a complete change. Try out various styles for some weeks and keep understanding what suits you best. Gradually, you will develop a good aptitude for dressing yourself.

Follow Your Own Style
Gradually, you will also improve in mixing colors and other minute details like supportive pieces (stoles, scarf, square pockets, ties). At this stage, you will know what clothes you love to wear and those in which you look your best. Ultimately, you will have your own distinctive style.

While fashion keeps changing everyday, your own style will always add panache to your personality. You will feel comfortable in what you wear and there you will discover yourself in a more refined way.

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Handkerchief Folding Styles

The handkerchief has gone beyond its basic purpose (used for blowing your nose), and has now become a trendy fashion accessory for men. In fact, it is available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. It serves to complete a man’s formal attire, resting in the breast pocket of the tuxedo, blazer, or suit. If you are dressing for a black tie affair, a good handkerchief, shaped in the right manner, will definitely add more glamor to your overall appearance. Handkerchief folding isn’t just about wrapping a kerchief and placing it in your pocket. The styles in which they can be shaped are numerous.

While it may seem insignificant, you can only tell the difference in your outfit after you have added a well-folded kerchief to it. To transform your outfit, choose from a variety of styles presented here. Keep in mind that the cloth should be well-pressed before you begin the procedure.

The One-Corner Up Fold
This style is best suited for very formal occasions, and should ideally be made with a single colored handkerchief.
Place your kerchief diagonally on a flat surface.
Create a triangle by folding it across the center, so that two opposite corners are placed upon one another.
Now, take the left corner of the triangle and fold it halfway inward.
Take the right corner and fold it half way inward, so that it is placed over the left corner.
For a better effect, once you have folded it completely, run the iron over the folds just once. This will hold the entire setting together.
Turn it over, and place it in your pocket.
The Two-Corner Up Fold
This style is meant to be slightly less formal than the previous one. It is nonetheless as elegant and stylish.
Place your kerchief diagonally on a flat surface.
Fold it across the center in a manner that it looks like two triangles placed over each other.
Take the left corner and fold it halfway inward.
Repeat the same step with the right corner.
Iron over the folds once, turn it over, and place it in your pocket.
The Straight Shell
The straight shell is a pleated pocket square, that looks exactly as it has been named, a shell. It makes for a very classy style.
Place your kerchief on a flat surface, and fold it into half. Again, fold it into a smaller half.
To make a pleat, lift the lower edge of the kerchief and push it slightly upward, and press it well to make a fold. Remember to push and not fold.
Continue the same process until you have pleated the entire handkerchief. Once done, fold the right half, over the left half.
Iron once, over the folds, and place it in your pocket. Adjust it so that the folded edge is visible when placed in the pocket.
The Diagonal Shell
The diagonal shell has an effect similar to the straight shell. The only difference is that it is pleated diagonally.
Place your kerchief on a flat surface, and fold it into half. Again, fold it into a smaller half. Rotate it so that it is placed diagonally.
Lift the lower point, and press it slightly upwards, as you did with the straight shell.
Continue the same process until the entire handkerchief has been pleated. Once done, fold the right half over the left half.
Iron once, over the folds, and place it in your pocket. Adjust it so that the pointed edge goes inside the pocket, and the folded edge is visible.
The Puff
The puff fold is informal, but trendy when sported in a suit or a blazer.
Place your kerchief diagonally on a flat surface.
With your index finger and your thumb, pinch the handkerchief at the center, and lift it up.
With the kerchief hanging from your right hand, run your left hand down, and stop at half the length.
Fold the hanging corners upwards. The top will look like it has been puffed.
In this position, place the handkerchief in your pocket. It may have to be adjusted a little so that it looks well-puffed.
The Reverse Puff
The reverse puff is exactly as the name suggests, the puff style, reversed. All you have to do is make the puff, and turn it upside down, so that the corners are visible once placed in your pocket.

The fabric will determine how well your pocket square stays once you have styled it and put it in your pocket. While for the puff nothing could be better than a silk handkerchief, for the remaining, stiffer fabrics like cotton and linen would be ideal. Nonetheless, upon ironing, you can even make silk stay in place.

Of course, kerchiefs will still be used to blow the nose. It’s just the way you carry it, that makes a difference. Just pick the right shade and pattern for the right style, and your attempts will be well worth the effort. Look classy and carry off these styles with elan!

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How to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks used to be reserved for men of noble descent. Later, they became the trademark accessory for high-ranking officials, uber-rich businessmen, and the likes. However, times have changed since then, and so have the patrons of this accessory. Today, cufflinks can be worn by anyone, irrespective of his age or occupation. They have become a must-have jewelry item in men’s formal clothing. Studs and cufflinks are an epitome of men’s fashion these days. So, in case you wish to flaunt them on your wrists, make sure you know the proper way. Few things are more off-putting than a failed attempt at sophistication.

Guide to Wearing Cufflinks

Before you think of the accessories, you should have shirts that go well with them. One of the most essential requirements for wearing cufflinks is a shirt with French or double cuffs. Simply put, these are shirts that have no buttons on the cuffs. If you also intend to wear studs, you will have to get a formal dress shirt without buttons on the wrists.
Fold back the cuffs so that they lie flat and even at the end of the sleeves.
Bring the two ends of the cuffs together, so that the holes coincide with each other.
Now insert the cufflink through the two holes.
The two cuffs should lie side by side, touching each other. This is a bit different from the buttonhole arrangement that you have on regular shirts, wherein the button goes inside the hole, and one cuff overlaps the other.
Fasten the cufflink according to its attachment, and repeat the procedure for the other hand.
Depending upon the fastening attachment, cufflinks are classified as bullet back closure, whale back closure, fixed backing, chain link, reversible, and ball return.
Some of them have a finished surface on only one side.
When to Wear

You can wear cufflinks whenever you wish, as long as you have an appropriate shirt. However, they are generally not recommended for daily use. Weddings, parties, and similar occasions highlight their beauty. Although you can also wear them for funerals, you need to be careful with their look; you must not wear ones that are too flamboyant, and choose ones that go with the sombre atmosphere. Some people even wear them to pubs and dance parties. In that case, make sure they are securely in place, so that you don’t lose it while showing off your dance moves. Earlier, it was believed that cufflinks were reserved only for older men. However, these days, even young men in their twenties going out for a routine night out flaunt this jewelry with elan.

How to Choose

While picking cufflinks, you need to take into account the tone of the occasion and your overall attire. It is a norm to match them with your belt, watch, and tie. Although it is very difficult to find perfectly matching cufflinks, you should at least match the metal and pattern with your belt buckle.

They are available in many materials, designs and styles. Plain gold or silver cufflinks are ideal for grim occasions like funeral. Wooden or seashell cufflinks with colorful and bold designs are great for festivals and parties. Choose the fastening attachment according to your convenience and preference for finish.

Cufflinks take a bit of getting used to, but they can sure add an element of bling to men’s clothing. A great pair can indeed make you stand apart from the crowd.

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