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Wondering What to Wear to a Baby Shower Helpful Ideas are Here

Word of advice.
Wear a dress or outfit that you can mingle and move in. There’s no point attending a baby shower if your outfit isn’t comfortable to be in.
Dressing up for a soirée can go either way; the choice of ensemble can either make or break you. What you should concentrate on is trying to find a balance, and finalizing an outfit that is in your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase a new outfit for the event. You can definitely work with something you already own. Keeping this in mind, we have put together a few ideas on what could be your ticket to a lovely, stress-free shower.
Attending a Baby Shower in Style
Depending on the location, weather, and theme of the shower, choose your attire carefully. Baby showers don’t necessarily have a specific dress code that women need to follow. However, an outfit that you may wear at a friend’s backyard or living room baby shower may not be appropriate for one held at a banquet hall or an upscale restaurant.
Look Seductive in a Dress

Always be sure to read the invitation card carefully before you zero in on an outfit. If it’s an elegant and sophisticated affair, you don’t want to seem the odd one out among other women. The theme and venue of the shower will tell you whether you require a formal-type dress or a sundress. If the invitation isn’t clear enough, or you’re having second thoughts about your outfit, talk to the hostess. She is the perfect person to discuss these things with, as she’ll be looking after everything related to the shower.
Look Chic in a Skirt

Skirts look classy, polished, and elegant any time of the year. There are so many colors, styles, and layers that can be achieved with skirts. Depending on your comfort level, choose to wear either flats, low heels, or sexy pumps. With the right accessories, make the outfit more fun than frump. And since it is a celebration, wearing black isn’t really considered appropriate. However, if you add splashes of color to the entire outfit, it can be passable.
Look Alluring in Pants

For a more casual approach to the shower, wear your favorite pair of jeans or pants with a sexy top. There are so many colors you can work with. Wear pastel-colored tops with dark-colored bottoms, or pick a bright top that can be seen from the other end of the room. You can definitely keep the outfit girly, while not having to do too much. Plus, you can be confident enough to play all the games at the party, without being self-conscious.
Since baby showers are typically held during the daytime, try not to go overboard in the accessories department. You don’t want to overpower your dress with unnecessary additions. A chunky necklace, cuff bracelet, menswear-inspired watch, pair of studs, wrap scarf, or even a classic tote will do.

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Corset Tops You Can Wear Out and Look Like an Absolute Diva

Corsets are no longer restricted till the section of ladies undergarments. These sexy undergarments are becoming more stylish and a popular style of tops to be paired with jeans and skirts. Fashion trends in women’s clothing keep changing everyday and corsets are no exception. You can see many girls wearing fancy corset tops in different ways and making a classic style statement. Well, if you have not yet added one to your wardrobe, it is time to do so.
Wearing Corset Tops as Casual Wear

Corsets are a popular casual top. When paired with denims, they make a perfect casual attire. They make for classic party clothing as well. Stylish corset tops are commonly paired with jeans, shorts, capri pants, and cut-off denims. You can finish this attire with flat gladiators and get set to flaunt your hot look. These are the best picks when you are all set to don a bold look. Apart from these, you can choose those, which have small balloon sleeves or wide shoulder straps.
Corset Top Designs
Pair corset tops with denims to look uniquely stylish. Choose from the sleeveless, with sleeves and off-shoulder patterns available in corset shirts. Many girls also wear a printed or dark-colored corset top on a white shirt or blouse that has full sleeves. A front buttoned corset top is a lovely piece that you can wear on casual bottoms. Pairing semi-casual corset tops on skirts, especially the knee-length skirts made of soft flowing fabrics is a smart style.
Wedding Wear with Corset Tops

You can find a range of wedding wear consisting of beautiful corset tops. A corset top is figure flattering, which is a big advantage of wearing a corset wedding gown. These dresses are available for many body types. For example, slim brides can have specially designed dresses that have figure correcting slips attached inside. Some pieces have invisible zippers inside the lacing. Brides can easily wear the dress by opening this zipper and don’t need to spend time in adjusting the lacing.
Fabrics and Patterns of Corset Tops

Corset tops come in a number of fabrics. From the comfy cottons till the stylish silks, you can choose any material. The neckline and sleeve patterns in corset tops offer you a number of choices. While the strapless tops are most popular, you can also go for the thin strapped or off-shoulder patterns. Laces and satin borders are commonly seen, but are not very emphasizing. Such laces and trims definitely add spice to wedding wear.

The designs available in these are sure to surprise you. One with polka dots, especially the black and white combo is a classic item to go for. You can also find some tops having delicate embroidery. Tops with checker prints look simply awesome and are definitely among the best corset tops to wear on casual occasions. You can also find pieces having stylish belts at the waist or above the waist line which can be tied into a bow, at one side.
Looking at the variety available, you might be eager to buy one. Check out the online shopping websites to find some cheap corset tops and latest patterns in these. Pick a good piece that is suitable for your figure, pair it with the right bottom wear and dress up well to turn all those eyes towards you

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Boho Chic: Clothing for Women Influenced By Bohemianism

We’re all familiar with the term ‘hippies’, who followed in the footsteps of earlier bohemians by proclaiming strong beliefs associated with love, peace, and non-violence. Bohemianism is a practice where supporters are usually artistic, offbeat individuals, like musicians, artists, writers, actors, and the like.
They had a political or social outlook that strongly opposed acts of violence, where holding rallies and protests to spread their messages of love and brotherhood, were a common sight in the past. Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, and Courtney Love, were just some of the many supporters of bohemianism.
Freedom from Restricted Apparels

Evolution in The Liberty of Dresses
The first sign of renouncing commonplace woman’s fashion, was seen during the pre-Raphaelite movement where women abandoned crinolines and corsets. Designer Barbara Hulanicki of Biba, was the first to showcase dresses that were limp and shapeless, set up in a store that echoed an Edwardian theme. This marked the beginning of what women were going to experience as freedom from constricting attire, to a more intrepid, unabashed style of dressing.
Evolution of Bohemian Clothing for Women

Development and changes invarious styles of bohemianism were seen over the centuries and to present-day also it is evolving. The characteristics of the clothing changed drastically, going from demure and angelic, to nonconformist and fashionable.
Rational Dress Society (Freedom / Rational Dress)

these dresses were not accepted by Rational Dress Society
The women of this society vehemently disregarded wearing dresses that were stifling, or a hindrance to movement. This is what the society laid down as part of the new dress code, snuffing what the Victorian Era represented in their deformed, highly restricted sense of dressing.
“The Rational Dress Society protests against the introduction of any fashion in dress that either deforms the figure, impedes the movements of the body, or in any way tends to injure the health. It protests against the wearing of tightly-fitting corsets; of high-heeled shoes; of heavily-weighted skirts, as rendering healthy exercise almost impossible; and of all tie down cloaks or other garments impeding on the movements of the arms. It protests against crinolines or crinolettes of any kind as ugly and deforming. It requires all to be dressed healthily, comfortably, and beautifully, to seek what conduces to birth, comfort and beauty in our dress as a duty to ourselves and each other.” – Rational Dress Society Doctrine
Dorelia Influence

cascading and colorful skirts were loved under Dorelia Influence
The name of this style is supposedly named after Dorothy ‘Dorelia’ McNeill, second wife of painter Augustus John. She was seen on many occasions wearing vibrant, cascading skirts where the only piece of jewelry she wore, were dangly silver earrings. It was a significant moment in bohemian fashion for women, as it made way for the gypsy look.

Gypsies liked to wear headbands
Gypsies were Romani people who migrated from the northwestern Indian subcontinent, before settling in the Balkans and certain parts of Eastern Europe. Their lineage is said to have Egyptian-esque roots since the word ‘gypsy’ has a linguistic reference to Egypt. The term gypsy is given to them not as a minority name, but for their lifestyle and unusual dressing sense.
Rustic Interpretations and Androgyny

Flower Wreaths were in Fashion during this time
In the year 1944 post the liberation of Paris, women were increasingly bohemian in their style of dressing with showy peasant skirts, and gaudy earrings. Juliette Gréco (singer) was second to Effie Gray (wife of pre-Raphaelite John Millais) to put flowers in her hair as an ornament, bringing to light the early outset of the ‘flower power’ movement (mid 1960s).
Like Gréco, bohemians too wore flowers in their hair. She was an avid supported of the Bohemian culture, immersing in political and philosophical beliefs of bohemianism. While bohemians wore colorful garb, wearing black was a prevalent post-war trend. She wore it as a mark of poverty (as a teen), still exuding similar bohemian traits as she aged.
Bob Hair

Bob Hair Were prime in Bohemian Fashion
Women started to wear their hair shorter, sporting male-dominant clothes like tailored suits and pullovers. Bobbed hair was a stark bohemian feature, with many students in Paris parading this masculine hairstyle. The distinction between the sexes was a blur for those who witnessed the turnaround beliefs of women sexuality.
The ‘New Look’
The ‘New Look’ line was designed by luxury designer Christian Dior in 1947, and was seen as a novel introduction to woman’s fashion post World War II. While it wasn’t welcomed positively by the bohemians because of its old-fashioned feminine detailing, Paris on the other hand regained its title as fashion capital of the world, partly because of the New Look line.
Brassiere Fiasco
The bra came to be regarded as a symbol of liberation, with the term ‘bra burning’ associated with the feminist movement. While there weren’t any actual bras burnt, the coinage was made by the media in reference to the ‘draft-card burning’ incident – it was done by those who weren’t in support of the US troops participating in the Vietnam War, rallying against the government and those who believed otherwise.
Madonna became the Fashion icon
Madonna is known for turning the bra into a fashion icon instead, using it in music videos and stage performances as a symbol of raw sexuality and audaciousness. The conical bra corset that she wore during her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour, sold for a staggering $52,000 at an auction in London in 2012; it was designed by haute couture designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier.
Hippie-Chic Era

During the mid to late 1980s, women wore leather or denim outfits, combined with flared mini skirts. It was a coalescence of goth and bohemian influences, where designers were influenced by the rising trend of hippie chic during the 1990s. Women were seen comfortably clad in masculine accessories and clothing, like boots and denim / leather pants, with the look finished off with goth makeup. This was an age of punk, retro fashion that marked the culmination of the bohemian culture.
Bohemianism is still prevalent in modern-day fashion, with both men and women wearing modern yet old-school renditions of this style. Fashions houses under Erica Tanov, John Malkovich, Max Azria, Derek Lam, and Gimmo Etro, to name a few, have all used bohemian themes in their collections.

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