Handkerchief Folding Styles

The handkerchief has gone beyond its basic purpose (used for blowing your nose), and has now become a trendy fashion accessory for men. In fact, it is available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. It serves to complete a man’s formal attire, resting in the breast pocket of the tuxedo, blazer, or suit. If you are dressing for a black tie affair, a good handkerchief, shaped in the right manner, will definitely add more glamor to your overall appearance. Handkerchief folding isn’t just about wrapping a kerchief and placing it in your pocket. The styles in which they can be shaped are numerous.

While it may seem insignificant, you can only tell the difference in your outfit after you have added a well-folded kerchief to it. To transform your outfit, choose from a variety of styles presented here. Keep in mind that the cloth should be well-pressed before you begin the procedure.

The One-Corner Up Fold
This style is best suited for very formal occasions, and should ideally be made with a single colored handkerchief.
Place your kerchief diagonally on a flat surface.
Create a triangle by folding it across the center, so that two opposite corners are placed upon one another.
Now, take the left corner of the triangle and fold it halfway inward.
Take the right corner and fold it half way inward, so that it is placed over the left corner.
For a better effect, once you have folded it completely, run the iron over the folds just once. This will hold the entire setting together.
Turn it over, and place it in your pocket.
The Two-Corner Up Fold
This style is meant to be slightly less formal than the previous one. It is nonetheless as elegant and stylish.
Place your kerchief diagonally on a flat surface.
Fold it across the center in a manner that it looks like two triangles placed over each other.
Take the left corner and fold it halfway inward.
Repeat the same step with the right corner.
Iron over the folds once, turn it over, and place it in your pocket.
The Straight Shell
The straight shell is a pleated pocket square, that looks exactly as it has been named, a shell. It makes for a very classy style.
Place your kerchief on a flat surface, and fold it into half. Again, fold it into a smaller half.
To make a pleat, lift the lower edge of the kerchief and push it slightly upward, and press it well to make a fold. Remember to push and not fold.
Continue the same process until you have pleated the entire handkerchief. Once done, fold the right half, over the left half.
Iron once, over the folds, and place it in your pocket. Adjust it so that the folded edge is visible when placed in the pocket.
The Diagonal Shell
The diagonal shell has an effect similar to the straight shell. The only difference is that it is pleated diagonally.
Place your kerchief on a flat surface, and fold it into half. Again, fold it into a smaller half. Rotate it so that it is placed diagonally.
Lift the lower point, and press it slightly upwards, as you did with the straight shell.
Continue the same process until the entire handkerchief has been pleated. Once done, fold the right half over the left half.
Iron once, over the folds, and place it in your pocket. Adjust it so that the pointed edge goes inside the pocket, and the folded edge is visible.
The Puff
The puff fold is informal, but trendy when sported in a suit or a blazer.
Place your kerchief diagonally on a flat surface.
With your index finger and your thumb, pinch the handkerchief at the center, and lift it up.
With the kerchief hanging from your right hand, run your left hand down, and stop at half the length.
Fold the hanging corners upwards. The top will look like it has been puffed.
In this position, place the handkerchief in your pocket. It may have to be adjusted a little so that it looks well-puffed.
The Reverse Puff
The reverse puff is exactly as the name suggests, the puff style, reversed. All you have to do is make the puff, and turn it upside down, so that the corners are visible once placed in your pocket.

The fabric will determine how well your pocket square stays once you have styled it and put it in your pocket. While for the puff nothing could be better than a silk handkerchief, for the remaining, stiffer fabrics like cotton and linen would be ideal. Nonetheless, upon ironing, you can even make silk stay in place.

Of course, kerchiefs will still be used to blow the nose. It’s just the way you carry it, that makes a difference. Just pick the right shade and pattern for the right style, and your attempts will be well worth the effort. Look classy and carry off these styles with elan!

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How to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks used to be reserved for men of noble descent. Later, they became the trademark accessory for high-ranking officials, uber-rich businessmen, and the likes. However, times have changed since then, and so have the patrons of this accessory. Today, cufflinks can be worn by anyone, irrespective of his age or occupation. They have become a must-have jewelry item in men’s formal clothing. Studs and cufflinks are an epitome of men’s fashion these days. So, in case you wish to flaunt them on your wrists, make sure you know the proper way. Few things are more off-putting than a failed attempt at sophistication.

Guide to Wearing Cufflinks

Before you think of the accessories, you should have shirts that go well with them. One of the most essential requirements for wearing cufflinks is a shirt with French or double cuffs. Simply put, these are shirts that have no buttons on the cuffs. If you also intend to wear studs, you will have to get a formal dress shirt without buttons on the wrists.
Fold back the cuffs so that they lie flat and even at the end of the sleeves.
Bring the two ends of the cuffs together, so that the holes coincide with each other.
Now insert the cufflink through the two holes.
The two cuffs should lie side by side, touching each other. This is a bit different from the buttonhole arrangement that you have on regular shirts, wherein the button goes inside the hole, and one cuff overlaps the other.
Fasten the cufflink according to its attachment, and repeat the procedure for the other hand.
Depending upon the fastening attachment, cufflinks are classified as bullet back closure, whale back closure, fixed backing, chain link, reversible, and ball return.
Some of them have a finished surface on only one side.
When to Wear

You can wear cufflinks whenever you wish, as long as you have an appropriate shirt. However, they are generally not recommended for daily use. Weddings, parties, and similar occasions highlight their beauty. Although you can also wear them for funerals, you need to be careful with their look; you must not wear ones that are too flamboyant, and choose ones that go with the sombre atmosphere. Some people even wear them to pubs and dance parties. In that case, make sure they are securely in place, so that you don’t lose it while showing off your dance moves. Earlier, it was believed that cufflinks were reserved only for older men. However, these days, even young men in their twenties going out for a routine night out flaunt this jewelry with elan.

How to Choose

While picking cufflinks, you need to take into account the tone of the occasion and your overall attire. It is a norm to match them with your belt, watch, and tie. Although it is very difficult to find perfectly matching cufflinks, you should at least match the metal and pattern with your belt buckle.

They are available in many materials, designs and styles. Plain gold or silver cufflinks are ideal for grim occasions like funeral. Wooden or seashell cufflinks with colorful and bold designs are great for festivals and parties. Choose the fastening attachment according to your convenience and preference for finish.

Cufflinks take a bit of getting used to, but they can sure add an element of bling to men’s clothing. A great pair can indeed make you stand apart from the crowd.

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Fashion Advice for Men

When it comes to fashion, style, and dressing in a trendy way, most men find themselves at sea. I have seen many men who still dress up the way they used to during college, although now they are well into their late twenties! What most men don’t realize is that with a bit of creativity, they can completely turn around the way they look and dress up.

Dress Your Age
It is very important that a man dresses his age. For instance, a low cut jeans would look great on a teen or a 20 something guy, but the same on a forty or fifty year old, no matter how maintained or toned his body is, would look ridiculous.

Make Comfort Your priority
Your clothing should be such that you are completely at ease in it. Comfortable clothes, more than any of the trendy ones, will make you look much more confident and stylish any day! So, avoid blindly running after brands and latest trends. Instead, develop your own unique, comfortable dressing style.

Get the Correct Fit
Always buy clothes which fit on perfectly, i.e., they should be neither too loose nor too tight. The right fit for you would be that which hides your flaws such as a paunch and fits in nicely on the entire body.

Wear Right Colors
When you are young, all colors ranging from pink to blue to red, look good on you. After all, youth is the time for experiments and exuberance. However, as you age, you should buy clothes of only those colors which look flattering on you. Wear colors such as browns, black, and pastel shades.

Maintain a Wardrobe
There are some clothes which are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. These include a formal suit, a white shirt, black pants, a pair of well fitting jeans, khakis, a leather jacket, a chic casual shirt, an overcoat, formal shoes, and sneakers. You can pair them with any outfit or wear them individually.

If you thought that accessories are meant just for women, you are highly mistaken. These days, lots of accessories such as unique neck pieces, bracelets, watches, rings, cuff-links and belts are available, which can jazz up any outfit. However, one thing you should be cautious of is over accessorizing. As a rule, do not wear more than three accessories at a time.

Be Well-Groomed
Stay well-groomed. Take a bath every day, shave regularly, shampoo often, wear polished shoes, and ironed clothes. Getting a neat, good haircut can do wonders for the way a man looks, so go to a hair stylist and get one which suits your personality and the shape of your face. A well-groomed man, irrespective of whether he is wearing stylish clothes or not, looks appealing!

Here’s hoping that with these tips you can make your own fashion statement by dressing appropriately. One last tip – Keep on refurbishing your wardrobe from time to time, at the same time, keep the must-have clothing items handy. In case you feel that you do not know which kind of clothing to opt for, you can go to any of the big stores. The customer service executives there will gladly choose outfits which match your personality and built!

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Choosing Handkerchiefs for Men

“A plain white handkerchief is the sure sign of a confident and elegant dresser”

This is a quote by Allan Fusser. Sounds so true, does it not? Well, women do carry handkerchiefs, but what about men? Do they? Let’s unravel the mystery.

Taking up from the point I just pointed out, men are indeed shy to carry a handkerchief even when they have a blocked nose or a nose that promises to run a water supply facility 24/7. However, they fail to understand that this very unappealing tendency is doing a fantastic job of letting them down every time they strut around looking out for tissues in the vicinity. The scenario turns all the more anecdotal when the sneeze is about to prove its intensity. Well, to deviate on a serious note, maintaining hygiene is of paramount importance, in an age that marks the birth of novel diseases and ailments that are making their way up the ladder to prove their potency. Apart from personal hygiene, another factor that shares the platter of dominance is that of personal grooming. The art of handkerchief folding is far from realization for the men folk! Let us take one scenario with two situations.

Scenario 1 – A man has adorned a dinner jacket, with classy cuff links and polished moccasins, what would you think of him? Sophisticated?

Scenario 2 – A man adorns himself in a dinner jacket, with classy cuff links and polished moccasins is accompanied with a sneeze minus the handkerchief? The sneeze is not his fault, agreed! But does he have a handy handkerchief to wipe off the grim? What would you think of him, NOW?
. . Still sophisticated? I am sure your response is a somersaulted version of sophistication.

Chivalry has been a long-forgotten, relic etiquette of history. Offering a crisp handkerchief to a damsel in distress could be viewed no more as an etiquette, but a virtue few men are blessed with. It is but distasteful for a woman to look around for some ‘material’ help, only to find a man digging into the debris of his pocket to find nothing, but an inverted pocket! A thorough gentlemen is one who produces a well-groomed square when a lady needs it most. . . . Perhaps, to wipe the pearls of joy swinging down her cheeks. The essence lies in impressing the lady with your charm, gentlemen!

Handpicked Handkerchiefs for Men

Handkerchiefs have been around for ages. Tissues have been the new breed of handkerchiefs. However, there is nothing better than our old, faithful and very sustainable handkerchief. There are various styles on offer to suit a man’s preference. If gifting a set of handkerchiefs is your proposed idea, you could forge ahead and choose from the variety listed below.

Cotton Handkerchiefs
Men love practicality and simplistic sophistication. What about cotton handkerchiefs? Even plain white cotton kerchiefs are suitable to be used. Handkerchiefs made from 100% cotton are the ideal choice. The traditional cotton kerchiefs can be really handy and worth the penny. Men have a tendency to wait until the last piece from the handkerchief set makes its way into the closets ‘daily’ department before they buy a set of new one’s! Procrastinations cannot be the answer all the time!

Monogrammed Handkerchiefs
Well, monogrammed hankies are also doing the rounds with it being an ideal choice for daily use for men. Monogrammed handkerchiefs work well with semi-formal wear. They are generously sized for optimum usage. They are elegantly woven and embroidered handkerchiefs. They predominantly possess a cross-weave pattern. Its edges are hand-stitched. There are no issues of washing this embroidered linen. This could even be the perfect gift for men who need style packed in kerchiefs, desperately! (That was a mean statement, I suppose!)

Personalized Handkerchiefs
A set of personalized handkerchiefs could serve to be the perfect gift item for men. Simple yet elegant messages can be woven or embroidered on the kerchief triangle with colors and hues that define a sober yet classic sense of taste. Be it a love message etched on the fabric or two words conveying gratitude, you are sure to have your messages delivered in the most crisp manner possible. Do not jumble up while choosing between a monogrammed and a personalized handkerchief. Though they share a thin line of distinction, the former is an embroidered and designed initial(s) of an individual, whereas, the latter has little sayings or fond expressions woven through the fabric. Generally available in a set of three/four, they look crisp and traditional and moreover have a personalized touch.

Vintage Handkerchiefs
Vintage-styled handkerchiefs are one amongst the most luxuriant accessories for men. They are predominantly made of virgin cotton. Pay attention to the detailing as you discover the hand rolled edges and intricate embroidery to lend a classy demeanor to the hand piece. Ideal for weddings, especially for the bride’s father; they may come handy to wipe a tear or two. Offering it around for a mass ‘weeping’ session at the wedding may portray how chivalrous you have grown to be!

Silk Handkerchiefs
Silk handkerchiefs or the pocket square plays a major role in uplifting the sophisticated gentry even more! Yes, it’s true. The basic difference between a pocket square and a handkerchief lies in the sole factor of visibility. A pocket square needs to be placed in the breast pocket, whereas the handkerchief needs to be snug in your pocket without playing pick-a-boo with your attire! However, silk handkerchiefs are an expensive buy. You wouldn’t like to invest in a silk pocket square only to discover its use being transformed from a fold of style to a fold for the sneeze! They lend a finishing touch to the formal look that you adorn. It is a matter of sheer style when a silk hankie is seen in your breast pocket. Who says that your pocket square must be in perfect hue harmony with the tie or the suit you wear. The crux lies in the way you carry the look, gentlemen!

The traditional men hankies should be an accessory that covets panache, creative cheek and prerogative sauciness. So, all you men out there, it is time that the traditional hankie dives into deep waters only to emerge as the clear winner . . . where this eternal accessory is worth the keeps and not the sneeze!

A Piece of Advice: Men will be Men. If they are not ready for a pleasant change, let them enjoy the unpleasant ones! (By this statement, I do not wish to be gender-biased and I hope I have not dug my own grave!)

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Top 6 Men’s Fashion Magazines

Putting fashion and men in the same sentence can seem like a bit of a mismatch. Most guys take their prejudices where the words fashion and style are concerned, to unimaginable heights. And the reason is often something as silly as ‘women perceive men interested in fashion as feminine’. Let’s set the record straight here. I speak for most women when I say that women love a guy who makes an effort to be well-dressed and stylish. We love men who know their clothes, their brands, and their designers. It is a welcome change from guys who might as well be relics from the Ice Age who believe that being particular about their clothes is a ‘woman’ thing, and they can continue wearing the same clothes they wore in high school and still have women swooning over them. Being fashion-conscious is a good thing and it is high time these guys manned up.

A guy who is willing to give it a go and embrace style and fashion needs some good advice along the way. And the best way to do that is to browse through some of the most popular and well-known fashion publications in the market. These magazines are style guides that talk about elegant living. No one expects you to strut your stuff in a button-less shirt and heavy eye makeup. But we would like it if you turned up in a pair of well-fitting trousers, a good shirt, and most importantly, a pair of great shoes. Here are our top picks for magazines that tell you how you can define your look, and be your presentable best at all times.

Note: For the purpose of this article we have focused on magazines published in English.


First issue published in: 1933
Owned by: Hearst Magazines
Frequency: Monthly

What you can expect inside
Cover stories on prominent men in the world and their lives
Features on politics, movies, music, health, etc.
A fiction section that continuously promotes young talent, and has featured writers like Raymond Carver and Elizabeth Gilbert in the past

Why you should read it

Esquire is the kind of magazine that keeps our faith in men’s fashion magazines alive. While focusing on fashion and style with beautiful pictorials, it never dumbs down its content. It is meant for the classy, refined man’s man who knows what he wants and knows how to ask for it. With intelligently written features on a diverse range of subjects, the magazine plays it hip.

Check them out online at: www.esquire.com


First issue published in: 1958
Owned by: Condé Nast Publications
Frequency: Monthly

What you can expect inside
‘How to’ guides on dressing correctly for different occasions (and occasional penny-pincher features)
Trends taking the world by storm
Advice for living life king-size

Why you should read it

Originally called Gentleman’s Quarterly, GQ focuses on style, fashion, and culture through articles on a variety of related, yet diverse subjects. If you pride yourself on being more of a hipster, then GQ’s fashion tips will sit right at home with you. They also have brilliant photo editorials, very few ads, and quite a few thought-provoking articles on different events that affect today’s world.

Check them out online at: www.gq.com


First issue published in: 1982
Owned by: Condé Nast Publications
Frequency: Monthly

What you can expect inside
Features on how to be your fashionable best with about five or so articles on different styles
Guides on the best things that you should invest in (shop for)
Lists of the most prominent/successful/to-look-out-for men or women

Why you should read it

Details is the kind of magazine that will appeal to a guy who likes to live his life a little on the edge. With a hipster-ish quality about it, the target audience for this mag is a little difficult to place, which makes it one that has something for every reader. What makes it stand out is its continuing focus on pop culture and its ability to capture the pulse of what drives the world.

Check them out online at: www.details.com

Nylon Guys

First issue published in: 2004
Owned by: Nylon Holding Inc.
Frequency: Bimonthly

What you can expect inside
Features on celebrities, fashion, styling, tech, etc.
Pieces with focus on pop culture
Shopping guides that feature high-end and budget products that make it more accessible for a regular guy

Why you should read it

If you are young at heart (or actually young), then this should be the magazine you are reading for fashion tidbits. While style remains a huge focus area, there is also a healthy dose of entertainment and pop culture thrown in. Nylon is also one of those few magazines that showcases a huge variety of brands in a broad spectrum of price ranges.

Check them out online at: www.nylonguysmag.com

The Rake

First issue published in: 2008
Owned by: Revolution Press International
Frequency: Bimonthly

What you can expect inside
Profiles on the biggest names in fashion
Features on recognizing elegant clothing and how to wear it
Articles on different trendsetting looks and how you can adopt them

Why you should read it

The Rake is one of those rare fashion magazines that actually takes a more educational approach to style, focusing on classical elegance and style as showcased by icons such as Cary Grant and Michael Caine. If you are a sophisticated professional who is fed up of the youngster-focused mags flooding the style sector of magazine publishing, then this magazine seeks to recapture the elite elegance of years gone by. Since the magazine’s core belief is that elegance comes from within, they also feature articles on conducting oneself well and good living.

Check them out online at: therakeonline.com


First issue published in: 2003
Owned by: Visionaire Publishing
Frequency: Quarterly

What you can expect inside
Cover stories featuring popular celebrities and their rise to fame
Previews of fashion trends for the season, hot music tracks, events, etc.
Articles covering men’s fashion, the industry, and the many trends and the common man’s perception of it

Why you should read it

The V in Vman stands for Visionaire, and the magazine often features young trailblazers whose vision alone makes them sought-after talents in the industry. While fashion and style are the primary focus, there are always some interesting pieces on the industry as a whole, and much-talked about current events.

Check them out online at: www.vman.com

There is nothing vain about a guy who understands being stylish. A man who keeps himself abreast of what is happening in the world of fashion only makes for a more well-turned out person. These magazines highlight menswear and do so by making it more approachable for the boy-next-door.

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Tips for Men to Incorporate the Rockabilly Style

Rockabilly is one of the earliest rock and roll music styles. It is basically a mix of ‘rock and roll’ and ‘hillbilly’ (hillbilly refers to Country music), thus the name. Rockabilly music was also influenced by ‘Western Swing’, ‘Blues Music’, ‘Boogie Woogie’, and ‘Jump Blues’. It gained popularity from the early ’50s to early ’60s.

You must be wondering how rockabilly is related to fashion! It had a strong influence over fashion in its forming years, and the ‘rockabilly style’ was quickly absorbed by American youth. It was more popular because one didn’t have to spend much or work a lot to get ready, and was a very simple and an ‘any-person look’. Here’s how to dress rockabilly.


Old Jeans

✔ First of all you’ll need a pair of denims, more of a vintage style. Go for a slim fit one.

✔ Step 2! Grab a pack of T-shirts, plain and simple, without any stripes or graphics. Especially look for a thin, white one with a round neck; it would be just perfect.

✔ If you prefer shirts to T-shirts, you could look for some Western vintage style shirts with a bit of embroidery.

✔ Remember to tuck the T-shirt in the denim jeans, and make sure that the denim is a bit more in length, as you’ll have to cuff up the bottom. Also, let the T-shirt be short-sleeved, with the sleeves rolled up for the perfect ‘Grease’ look. If you smoke, roll up a pack of cigarettes up your sleeve.

✔ You could also wear a slim-fit, shiny, sharkskin suit for occasions that are more formal. Ensure that the suit has two or more buttons, and a longer waistline.


Have a Suitable Haircut

✔ Getting the hairstyle right is very important, especially if it’s the very popular ‘pompadour’ style of the ’50s. Keep the sides and the back short, while the top should be long at the front, and gradually descend as it moves backwards.

✔ Your hair should have a wet greasy look. Apply some pomade or hair cream at the back and sides of your hair, gently and evenly. Comb the sides in the backward direction. Then comb the back hair straight down. Once this is done, the sides and the rear part is all set and wet.

✔ Now squeeze some more pomade on your hand and apply it to the top part. Try and distribute it evenly through the hair. Use your hands to brush the hair at the front, while giving it a raise. You need to get more height and volume in the front. When viewed from the side, your hair should look like a ramp; raised in the front, and descending backwards. Once this is done, make it look neater by combing any hair which is out of place.

✔ Finally, grab a good hair spray and spray your hair in order to maintain the pompadour look.


Work Boots

✔ For the shoes there are some great options. The best one is a pair of creepers. Likewise, motorcycle boots or industrial work boots suit up well with this look. To make it look more classic, go in for black oxfords or wingtips.

✔ You could hang in a pair of black suspenders to add detail to the look.

✔ If you’re planning to wear that plain white T-shirt, try on a jacket. Some options for jackets could include a motorcycle leather jacket, a wool tweed jacket, a rugged jacket with your name patched on it, and the like.

✔ To add some finishing touches, you could hang a chain in your denim pockets, or wear a cowboy style belt with a bull on the buckle.

✔ When choosing accessories for a more formal look, think of cufflinks (a pair of hot rods, or playing cards), and a skinny tie with a complementing tie clip or tie bar. All these will go great with the look.

The Rockabilly Look

The rockabilly style can very easily be incorporated, and is great for occasions like house-parties, hangouts, dates, and the like. The best part is that, it is a very inexpensive way to dress up, and the clothing as well as accessories are easily available.

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80s’ Fashion for Men

The 80s saw a drastic change in the fashion world. Even before Lady Gaga went gaga over whacky outfits, the youth of the yore were already donning them. No, it wasn’t over-the-top crazy. It was fearless. Eighties was all about fashion for expression. Even today, the fashion of that decade regularly influences designer collections but it wasn’t the victim to just one trend. Experimentation was big and the men proudly strutted their stuff on the streets. The look was to go punk, preppy, or sporty-casual but, “sexy” was the word of the day. The men of the 1980s modeled tanning lines, fine mustaches, tight bottoms, all shades of the color palette along with extensive accessories. In fact, many items of clothing seemed to be excluded from the attire like shirts with no ties and shoes with no socks.
You may bestow the credit for the drastic change in men’s fashion, from the 70s to the 80s, to one of the most popular sitcoms of the time – ‘Miami Vice’. It really does deserve an acknowledgment here for its contribution to men’s fashion in the latter half of the decade. Apart from Don Johnson from the show, there were style icons like James Bond (of the 80s), Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Anthony Michael Hall, David Lee Roth, Mr. T, Boy George, and George Michael. Each one of them sported a signature look that defined the trends of the 80s that inspired the choices of young men.

In the 80s, hair became an integral part of personal style and men sported long-layered dense hair that was generously back-combed, with frizzy, curly, asymmetrical hairstyles, ponytails, mohawks, quiffs and several variations of the mullet. Hair parting became an outdated practice. Men experimented with bleach and hair colors, accessorizing it with bandanas, headbands and black hats. Hair spray, mousse, and gel became incredibly popular among men for the first time.
Jheri curls became fashionable in the 80s after stars like Michael Jackson began flaunting them. The hairstyles sported by emo kids today draw inspiration from those of the 80s. Facial hair was also styled and big, thick mustaches became quite popular. An example of a celebrity is the front-man of the band ‘The Queen’, Freddie Mercury, who triggered the fad among his male fans. Don Johnson made even the stubble look cool against his designer wear.
The 80s’ fashion for men was like a mixed bag that had skinny tights, leather pants, and jackets, parachute pants (or hammer pants), leg warmers, very short shorts, ripped and stone-washed denims, frilly puff-sleeved shirts, oddly striped shirts, skinny neck ties, Hawaiian shirts, jams, nylon tracksuits in neon colors, members-only jackets, blazers with shoulder pads with Dexter shoes and converse sneakers. Each lasted for a span of few months and were quickly replaced by a new fashion rage. Let’s take a look at fads typical of the 80s.

The punk rock look was popular among teens and young adults of the 80s. They dressed in tight pants with chains, sleeveless shirts, torn jeans, studded blazers, metal jewelry, dark makeup, colorful hairdos, and thick eyeliner. Endorsed by bands like The Sex Pistols, and Guns N’ Roses, the fans would wear tees that bore the names and logos of the bands. Leather jackets were customized and tattoo art became popular. Combat black boots, especially Doc Martens, were widely used by punk kids.

In the 80s, clothes romanticized fashion. The anti-punk/rock trend started by artists like Ultravox, Japan, and David Bowie with a lover-boy look as they sang romantic songs. Decked with androgynous outfits, the concept of ‘gender-bending’ was introduced. Men embraced frilly shirts (thanks to Vivienne Westwood’s “pirate collection”), buccaneer shirts, high-waisted pants, unbuttoned shirts, popped collars, Hussar-style jackets, feather accessories and soft materials for a feminine touch.

With the fitness craze that hit the 80s, men would be in trainers, tracksuits, headbands, etc., or half-sleeved shirts, slogan tees, ‘Relax’ tees by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, ripped jeans, baggy pants, keds without laces, high-tops and converse. Denims gained huge popularity among the masses. People loved the denim jacketin all styles – gasoline, stripped and acid-washed. Shirts came in many varieties – the paisley, sleeveless, kamikaze, black-collar fully-buttoned shirts, and long shirts.

The ‘yuppies’ of the 1980s’ were the conservative ones who could be found at Ivy League universities and in corporate. It was easy to spot one because of the clothes – Oxford shirts, turtlenecks, polo t-shirts, khaki trousers, loafers, duck boots, argyle socks, dress pants, suspenders, pin-striped suits, corduroys, plaid sweaters that were often worn tied around the shoulders with a slicked-back hairstyle. Miami popularized wearing plain tees with suits, and padded blazers in pastel colors.

In the 80s punk junkies would always be ornamented with metal accessories like studs or earrings (on the left ear or both ears), safety pins on clothing, spiked or studded belts and chokers, long chains, lots of bracelets, piercings, leather wristbands, cuffs and black fingerless gloves with black leather booties and Doc Martens. Some could be seen lacquered with black nail paint. That was probably the most body jewelry worn by men ever. Fingerless gloves were not just worn by punks. The new romantics or ‘blitz kids’ devotees wore lace gloves. The glove trend was probably made famous by Michael Jackson in his ‘Billie Jean’ video in 1983 and his fans would often wear a white glove on one hand.

This was also the era in which Tom Cruise sported Ray-Ban’s Aviator sunglasses in his first box-office hit ‘Risky Business’, also in 1983. Then, in 1986, he did it again in the movie ‘Top Gun’. He also made leather jackets famous among studs who wanted to replicate his macho style. The 80s was the decade of watches. There were all types of watches being worn, some even around the neck. The more sophisticated pocket watches were carried by the gentlemen clad in sharply cut three-piece suits. In the mid-1980s, Swatch, the now internationally-renowned wrist watch company, manufactured plastic watches in lots of neon-colored swatches which were often worn several at a time. You could also wear the Pop Swatch on your clothes! At this time, digital watches was a newly invented technology and it was all the rage throughout the decade of 80s. Neon colors weren’t limited to watches and leggings. The men liked to adorn their wrists with plentiful neon-colored plastic bands and wore shades with bright frames too. What did go missing from apparel for a while were the socks. When the loafers came in vogue in the 1980s, men entirely skipped wearing socks.
Music had a huge influence on 80s’ fashion for men. In 10 years, the world witnessed a variety of contrasting fads in clothing, makeup and hairstyles, some of which have made their way even in to the 21st century. It was truly the age that gave birth to modern fashion for men.

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Fashion Tips for Men Over 40

download (22)The Color Palette For You!
Keep within the range of blacks, blues, grays, browns, burgundy, and beige.
So, you’ve turned 40? And people have started noticing gray in you? All we would say is, that you should actually take pride that you’ve lived all these years. Don’t faux a style that doesn’t belong to your generation. All you need to do is improvise your wardrobe with comfortable, yet gentleman-like clothes. In fact, most of the clothes from your thirties can easily transit to your 40s’ wardrobe.

Don’t follow fashion fads. Fashion trends flicker with every season, but style is what remains. For instance, you would not wear tees that are worn by teens, just because they are in. Even if your favorite fashion magazine tells you that skinny jeans are in trend, you’re not gonna wear them! You have to think of something that is timeless and mature. And in fact, many of you would already have your styles; you just need to polish your equation of styling.

Prefer Quality to Quantity. Choose fabrics that are 100% cotton, wool, linen, etc. for a neat, sturdy look.

Keep it simple and classy! Don’t jam your closet with flashy ties, glittery cufflinks, and shimmery waistcoats. Style your age. Decent is the word.

Carry a clean-shaven and well-groomed look. Well, just for your info, women prefer clean-shaven men.

We are all set to get you a classic wardrobe, that showcases the man you are on the inside.
Embrace the ‘Gentleman’ Look

Dress your age. Jeans and casuals are not from our first picks. Embrace the urban gentlemanly attitude. Pick well-tailored suits. The fabric and the fit of the suit is the most important. Fitted suits would make you look slimmer (and younger). A black jacket and white dress shirt makes a legendary fashion statement.
Grab Slim-fit Oxford Shirts and Trousers!

Comfort and maturity―the key to styling elegantly in 40s. Cotton or linen trousers would fit the bill. Showcase the clean and modern look with straight trousers, and fitted-shirts. Don’t get too colorful while picking shirts, ’cause this will give the appearance that you’re trying hard.
Snatch Sexy Sweaters

Cashmere sweaters add a luxurious casual appeal to the attire. Pick buttoned sweater vests, or V-neck sweaters, something that compliments well on your regular wear, and carry a fresh, relaxed look.
Go Trench with Trenchcoats

Trenches and overcoats add depth to your attire. Get a piece that fits you perfectly, and gives you the slimmer, taller appearance.
Winters are Seasonal, Scarves aren’t!

A pair of leather gloves with a lissom fit can never cease looking stylish. Woolen gloves also qualify the comfort matrix, but should be worn if season allows you to. Worn with a sweater or an overcoat, a pair of gloves can lend a sophisticated look. To add a pop to your attire, accessorize with a scarf.
Neck Ties. Bow ties. Cufflinks.

To separate you from the office lot, make it a point to accessorize your outfit with ties and cufflinks. Don’t pick jazzy colors. Go for silk ties, textured or patterned can pass out, but remember to keep it elegant. Play it safe with blue, black, and brown.

You don’t just need to wear a watch on suits, you also need to wear it when you’re not in your suits―modern and minimalist. If you’re going with the no-jacket-look, a leather belt is a must!
Woo the Masses with the Right Sunglasses

Find the right pair of sunglasses considering your face shape, and the age. Keep away from luster and glaze. Get a real pair!
Leave Colorful Sneakers for Teens

Well, nothing can beat a pair of black lace-up shoes in formal association, but you could try grays and browns. We suggest to always go for pointed shoes that impart a slimmer sooth. To keep on the smart-casual line, a pair of brogues or loafers will do. Camel and beige are newer colors to try, which will add a sporty pop to your outfit.
The Final Formal Look!

The Final Casual Look!

Decide your outfit based on temperature, location, and the event. Don’t mix casual wear with business wear. When working with casual shorts, be careful on how much you need to expose your knees. Though it may be your favorite suit, you need not wear it on casual evenings.

A common mistake that men often do is moving around in boyish haircuts. Get away with the juvenile look. You need to get something that is more respectable and manly.

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Tips for Men to Wear Suspenders the Right Way

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There is an old saying “He’s a belt and suspenders kind of guy” meaning a man is so paranoid that his pants will come down that he wears both which is a carnal fashion blunder. Never wear a belt with suspenders, and ask your tailor to remove the belt loops if you wish to wear suspenders as a fashion statement.
Also known as ‘braces’ in the United Kingdom, suspenders were first introduced in the men’s wardrobe by a British designer named Albert Thurston, in the 1820s, due to the fashion infusion of high waist pants. With these pants, belts was not an easy option, and hence, the use of suspenders came into being. While the original design was a ‘H’ pattern at the back, it soon changed to ‘X’ and then to ‘Y’.

Originally, they were made out of ‘boxcloth’―a woolen material―at present they are made from a variety of materials like French satin, jacquard silk, argyle or plaid, and leather.
Types of Suspenders
X and Y shape Spenders
Traditionally, there are two types of suspenders. The X shape has two separate straps across the back and can be adjusted to wider positions on the back waistband. The Y shape has two straps merging into one strap that supports the center of the back waistband.
Quick Style Tip:
Make sure your shoe color matches the color of the suspenders.
Button-on Suspenders
The buttons are on the inside of the waistband, two on each side of the center button, and one in the center of the inner waistband at the back. Face the suspenders on the right side out while buttoning them up on the waistband. Then bring it up and button up the front inner side of the pant. Once the pant is on, ease each side of the suspenders up and above the shoulders. Adjust the tightness by sliding the metal clip either up or down.
Clip-on Suspenders
The clips have to be opened and attached to each of the fly, measure about half a distance from the fly to the outer edge of the pant and attach the clip to that point. Pull on the pants to ease the suspenders over the shoulder. Adjust the tension by sliding the metal clips.
Now that we know the different types of suspenders and how to wear them correctly, here are a few looks that may inspire you. Go ahead try out these looks, just remember to wear the look that suits your personal style.
Cool Casual Look

With ripped jeans

Accessorized with scarf and hat
The latest style obsession is reinventing the casual look by wearing suspenders with ripped jeans. Pair it with a well-worn T-shirt which could be mainly in light colors or subtle gray and black. The easiest way to accessorize this look is by wearing sunglasses, hat, or a scarf.

This look goes well enough for a casual trip or an outing. Choosing the right pair of shoes is also essential. Wearing a comfortable pair of chinos, chukkas, or bright sneakers would give you an edgy look.
The Corporate Look

With rolled down sleeves

With rolled up sleeves and tie
Men who wish to make a formal impression at work can wear wide suspenders with a formal collared shirt and tie with the sleeves rolled up to give it a subtle casual look. But if you wish to make a sophisticated impression, then thin suspenders with your formal buttoned up shirt will make a distinct statement.

Pair it up with a suit jacket so that people will surely notice it whenever you take off your suit jacket. Accessorize this look with a good pair of formal footwear like oxfords, wingtip, or derby.
The Punk Look

A formal punk look

A casual punk look
Suspenders were originally popular with the punk community. To get this look right, wear suspenders with a formal shirt, and accessorize with earrings for a formal look. And for a more casual look, wear suspenders with a graphic or plain vest along with an informal pant. Footwear that goes well with this look are a comfy pair of boat shoes, slip-on plimsolls, driving moccasins, or canvas sneakers.
Never ever gone out of style or out of the manly wardrobe, the suspenders are here to stay, they are a very fun accessory that can give you a distinctive look and style.

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7 Must-have Accessories for Men

download (20)“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”
― Orson Welles
Many men usually stay away from the accessories department in a mall, because they think that wearing leather straps on their wrists, or carrying handbags is a little too girly. But that is not the case. Men actually end up looking smart and savvy when they wear the correct accessories. While walking on the streets, we come across men who are impeccably dressed, wearing crisp suits, shiny shoes, designer ties, and amazing accessories.

To make things easier for men, who do not have an eye when it comes to fashion and changing trends in accessories, this Buzzle write-up presents 7 accessories that every guy must own to be up-to-date with the fashion trends and look absolutely dashing.
7 Fashion Accessories Men Should Have

A good wallet is one accessory that lasts for a long time. There is an array of these trendy money and card holders in the market. You can choose from plain colors, printed works, leather, and fabric ones, depending on what catches your eye.

When you talk about hats, you have to be very careful while selecting the right one for you. Choose a hat that goes well on formals as well as casuals. Trendy black bowler hats, top hats, and boaters are very much in fashion, but let me remind you that these hats go well only on formal attire. If you are going for an informal look, you could try a classy fedora.

Cufflinks should be worn only when you are dressing to impress. A beautifully tailored button-down shirt, which has been ironed nicely, teamed with a simple yet classy pair of studded cufflinks, makes a man look drool-worthy. You can also wear a casual or formal jacket to complete this look.

Belts are a must for men. Not only do they keep your pants from falling, but they also complete your entire look. Picture this―you are walking on a street, wearing a nice pair of white linen pants, paired with a collared T-shirt and an elegant brown belt. Simple―yes! Classy―definitely yes!

Earrings, rings, bracelets, and chains look great on men, provided they are kept simple and sophisticated. Leather accessories are in vogue, so wearing wristbands made of leather will look great. Shiny and large bling look amazing on men. If you just want to accentuate your outfit with some metal and stones, indulging in classy jewelry is advised by most fashion experts.

A watch is one thing that men and women alike and should always wear it. Apart from being practical, a watch is the perfect accessory to complete an outfit. One can go without wearing jewelry, cufflinks, hats, and belts, but not without a watch.

Apart from giving protection to your eyes, sunglasses look cool on suits, shorts, jeans, or even if it is worn on boxers. Always choose a pair that suits your face cut, and opt for frames that will go well with both, a casual as well as formal look.
Team these accessories with the right clothes and shoes, and you are all set to dazzle. Just remember to keep it simple and neutral so that you look classy and sophisticated.

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